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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

glad to see you are feeling better adolph - i thought about dropping by your casita last night - after shopping with my little angel - i was on my way with rafa and kilito to pick up eleo and mada from dance class - i saw your car parked in your spot - then i remember i didn't bring extra diapers

yes i must admit xmen was quite good - i really enjoyed the suspense and the action - it wasn't too cheesy - and it was way much better than the first one

our trip to the valley was pretty successful - aside from the feverish ride into town - everything was really mellow and easy - killy was able to see his sisters - and kilito was able to play with his abuelito - his mamaita watched him while we went to the movies - with my older brother and his oldest son - and i was glad to check into a hotel - where we actually got some rest - instead of having to stay at my brother's full house - four kids - abuelito and mamaita - killy - carol - and kilito

way too much

but we had breakfast the next day and made it home no later than three - the important thing was - we got to see our families - and we survived our first family roadtrip - with sick child in tow - luckily - mama's milk is chock full o' good stuff - baby was better after fighting the fever for only 3 days - and not 5 like the doctor suggested

all for now


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