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The Indefinite Article.

Saturday, May 24, 2003

hey colin, is that bum the one who set up your site? he's pretty alright.

if you want a better url than whiz.whatever you can use chairjockey.com right now there is just the silly butterflash, and storage for blog graphics. when i get back, i can pretty up your code a bit, if you like...you know, center stuff, make pop-ups for the images so people can click through a few at a time, etc.

what are you doing tomorrow (sunday), anyway? we're just down the road and it would be a shame not to get some face time. diana is all settled in; we got her some daisies to pretty up the place, and ran various and sundry errands, and i think she is sick of me, so i am free to be 'off the leash' tomorrow.

hillsboro (correct spelling) is a bit removed from portland to really be called a suburb (also correct spelling), but it is connected by rail to rainytown. for the princely sum of $1.55 (and an hour or so of your day) you can be shuttled directly to the heart of pLand in relative comfort. unless you are sitting next to one of the pacific northwest's smellier...i mean 'naturaller' citizens. especially the portly ones.


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