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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Hey Todd!
I understand you went to the midnight showing of the Matrix Reloaded!
So maybe this recipe is coming to you a little too late, or maybe it will help you through the day today!
anyway, here it is
Matrix Reloaded Peanut butter and Honey sandwiches!!!

This is an ideal meal to get the adrenaline going for watching the movie or for afterwards.

2 slices 12 grain bread (it's got lots of nuts in it)
6 TBS Chunky peanut butter
1 TBS Natural Clover Honey (you could do 2 TBS if you want to be bold, but it's messy)
1 TBS Hershey's liquid chocolate
1 TBS Hershey's powdered chocolate
1 Coca Cola

Toast the bread, spread 3 TBS of peanut butter on one slice and the remaining peanut butter on the other slice. Drizzle the honey all over one slice and the liquid chocolate all over the other slice. Sprinkle the powedered chocolate over both slices evenly. Put the two slices together sandwiching all the mushy stuff in between. Eat it! As you will see, it might be quite difficult to chew at first, but with the tried and true corrosive qualities of our favorite soft drink, take a swig of coke and enjoy the fabulous rush of energy surge through your being. Now, enjoy visiting another reality with your mind in this perfect state of readiness.



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