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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, May 12, 2003

no, sorry. the only think i notice coming and going at random intervals are posts from todd.

yeah, you're the second who's told me that "City of God" was absolutely necessary. I'll have to take that as a sign and go check it out; although, i can't see myself making it out there before thursday. my sister is already trying to secure tickets for the day, but i don't think i would want to see it on the first day. i was considering taking friday off and checking it out at noon on friday, but it's highly unlikely that i would be able to get out of work on that day.

had such a wonderful time at amber's party adolph! and what a surprise the brisket was! i was so hungry. it totally hit the spot. amber's mom was so nice and talkative. the moment she asked if i wanted a shiner, i knew i would like her. good rum cake too, but i think that was more her step-dad.


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