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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

that's totally cool adolph, but i wonder: how long did it take you to actually 'post' that message? are you as good as the japanese are at text messaging?

i assumed that the matrix would be much better the second time. i caught myself looking too hard for cgi stuff and not enough time actually enjoying the flick. that isn't to say that i didn't enjoy it the first time. i was shaking in my seat, it was so cool. i totally loved it so much that i sucked down my icee too fast. i hardly even tasted it. carol had a mustard soaked hot dog right next to me that i didn't even want to turn my head from the screen to take a bite of (i know i shouldn't end my sentences with prepositions.)

carol and i ended up seeing the 11:30 show on friday night. we waited until the baby was fast asleep, and then snuck out of the house. rafa kept an ear out for the baby. carol bought the tickets and i parked the car. the theater was toally packed, but luckily everyone was almost reverently quiet. one person yelled out, "...yes!..." at the very beginning, but that was the only shout out during the whole movie. there was an audible gasp during the 'smiths' fight scene at certain parts, and a couple of chuckles when the annoying little kid in zion handed neo the 'spoon'.

it was pretty damn cool.

saturday had to be the laziest day ever. we didn't want to do anything. carol's allergies are just killing her and i woke up with a head full of mucus myself. i've never had allergies, but i'm beginning to wonder if:
A) i am developing allergies or
B) the air in houston is getting much worse.
i've had this itch in the back of my throat and a stuffed up head for over a week now. dunno why. carol mentioned something about giant fires in south america...

we ended up at my mom's in sugarland

and just lazed around the house. we put adolfo iv in a small plastic pool out in the front yard

then we just sat around and smiled a lot.

then we came home and watched lord of the rings on the tele. i went out for a frappucino, carol sat on the couch with a benadryl. eventually, she fell asleep.

and now it's sunday. i'm poised to wash the car, balance the checkbook, pay bills, get to the studio, pack up the defective stand, do laundry, and burn some cd's so i salvage some sorely needed hd space for movies. i would love to squeeze in a second matrix viewing, but i don't know if i'll have the time.


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