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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

anyone: i've been scared to open up imovie lately. i've got a ton of video of the kid that i want to import, play with, burn to cd and send to family, but after upgrading to imovie3, it ran really sluggish. i just forgot about it and blamed it on my dinky little imac. now, that i've been thinking about it again, i went to macintouch and read the imovie forum and discovered that a lot of people were having problems with im3. one fix (apparently) is to 'fix permissions'. how does one do this? what are permissions?

im3.0.3 and qt 6.3 are supposed to be a combined update for imovie (released yesterday) that might help things along, but i just got it today. i'm gonna try and find some time this weekend (during adolfo's nap time) to install and see if it works better.


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