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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, June 13, 2003

. . . do you have a copy of qxp 6?

Sheeeyit......They've barely announced a $900 software package (Quark customer service is apparently saying not available until July 31), and you know the printers aren't going to have it for another year or so (because their margins are tight), what's the point? Quark is one of those products that was initially so right that I wish someone would just port it (system 7 look and everything) to OSX, and sell it as Quark Classic for $300. I would pre-order that. Then they could have the "Wanna be Ray-Gun" version that sells for $900 for folks who care about that BS. I'll probably wind up producing this years rider manual in 4, or maybe InDesign. For what I do, Framemaker may be a better choice.


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