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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

The gaming last night was pretty fun. I really like the 'King of the Hill' game because it forces one to have a different strategic approach than the usual 'rompin-and-stompin.'

I am not quite sure what the correct strategy is. For the entire game I was pretty confused, my construction was haphazard, and my resource collection was poorly organized. I couldn't decide whether it was worth it to arrive at the Wonder early and build up defenses there, or whether one should build up a good economy and an organized army and then come busting through at the end...

I ended up halfway building defenses, and halfway getting an economy going. So when Killy (who had built up an organized army, and I suspect, had a pretty good economy going) came busting in I was unable to really hold him off. It was only the arrival of two pepperoni pizzas that forestalled his victory.

Also: My Safari doesn't seem to like the 'Edit Your Blog" page too much. I suppose this is the case for ya'll as well?


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