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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, June 16, 2003

Hey folks this pablo welcoming himself back to Houston

Killy and Adolph were kind eneogh to pick me up at the airport Friday night. I knew I was home when I walked out of the terminal and saw those two jokers parked in the passager-pickup lane, hunched over their laptops playing a game on Age of Empires.

On the ride home I immediately started sweating. I felt like like rice in a rice-cooker because, well, it is june in Houston. I was also sweating because I felt a little nervous about the prospect of having to start life all over again, get a job, apartment, etc...

But then everything started to fit together. We got back to Killy's place and I saw Carol and the baby and, of course, that was great. Then we headed out to eat some damn good mexican food. I had not had beans in 6 months! Then we came home and played some Age Of Empires.

Then I fell asleep and was awoken shortly after by the arrival of my sweet Eleonora...

Yes, it feels good to be home. It feels good to see my friends, to eat mexican food, to play Age of Empires on wireless LANS, and to hold Eleo in my arms.


also, speaking of AOE, don't you think we should organize some kind of AOE fest? or maybe a summertime RISK-a-thon?


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