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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, June 26, 2003


Been an interesting couple of days. Last night we went to blues on the green in Zilker Park and meet the spouses and fiances of Liz's fellow students. Luke is a designer for Acclaim, he builds and designs the enviroments for their games. They just finished a Lord of the Rings video game and are starting their new game based on the Comic Book "the red star". Some time next week I am going to their studio to check out what he is working on. Then there was Drew, he is an architect for Schlotzky's. He design 's their bluidings, like the one on S Lamar or the new one on Parmer and 35. Really cool guy. they are both in thier mid 30's.

Unfortunatley I cannot make it to FlynnFest '03. I will be leaving for Cheesapeke on the 10th and will be gone till the 16th.


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