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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

i really think they try and do that with the music they play as each player comes out. but, of couse, this isn't enough. i mean, they should make music videos for each player. i mean, doesn't stone cold steve austin have his own 'music' that he comes out to. i mean, in wrestling (the highest echelon when it comes to scripted personalities) don't they have their own videos that go along with their music.

maybe instead of the batters warming up right outside the dugout, that's where the color announcers can perform their interviews with each player before they go up to bat. each player can talk about how their going to kick the other's teams butt and all that jazz. at the end of each interview, jim mcinvale (local furniture guru) can do a series of commercials dressed as a mattress.

oh yeah, they'll each have to have a girl too. one question though: who would be the 'bad' teams and who would be the 'good'?


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