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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

i spent a day in munich when i was travelling in europe. i got there in the morning. i had taken a night train from paris (i think). it was near 10 when i got there. i put my backpack in a locker cause i planned to leave that evening for prague. i made my way through the train station and was helped by a kind of 'tourist helper', which i hadn't seen anywhere else in europe. the guy was nice; he gave me a decent city map of sites and pointed me in the direction of a nearby square, or sorts. it was a nice walk through the city.

when i made it to the square, there was a really large ornate, but somehow plain (if that's possible) cathedral. across the way from church was a beirgarten! and they were serving already. i had a giant 'pitcher' of beer, it was great to be so drunk in the late morning, but not so great when i got on the train later that evening. and even less so the next morning. but that's what vacations are for right?


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