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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, June 23, 2003

so i just spent the last twenty minutes trying to remember how exactly to share files from an os9 box. i mean, having to go to tcp/ip in the control panels and then changing the permissions on the volume to mount...stuff like that. things have come a long way.

but i did it. 2.09 GB worth of conference images being sucked over to another mac where i'll archive them to cd and copy them over to the new pc they replaced the old mac tower with. a nice easy day, so far.

amber i had a suspicion that that was what you were doing while we were at diedrich's. i could tell by the smirk on your face that you were up to no good....

adolph & paul i'm really happy with the progress we made on sunday. i passed along the mtg notes to todd. also: apparently, carol has some insights into what don really wants. she did mention this to me earlier. we'll have to get together with her to find out what she knows.


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