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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

So Killy and I played a really fun game of chess last night. I was able to establish what seemed like a winning position pretty early on; And though I thought the game would be quickly over, Killy was able to defend ingeniously. My initial offensive lost its steam and though I continued to threaten, Killy had managed both to severly weaken the strength of my attack, and my defenses.

The key to Killy's great defense was his center pawn/queen position. Even while facing extreme danger from my advancing Queen and Knight, he was able to maneouver my King to the center of the board and threaten an exposed check. His center pawns troubled me the entire game. Even after I was able to go up a minor piece by capturing his last Knight, I was not really able capitalize because my black Bishop's diagonal was blocked by the powerful center pawns. And so the game dragged on another 12 minutes or so...

Mostly I was happy because the mistakes we both made were not of the 'stupid lose the bishop' kind. Rather, they were errors that gave the opponent a suble positional or temporal advantage. That is good chess!


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