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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Code Mode

Hey Paul,
the mention of a new release of Hydra in Macintouch today made me think: man I wish I could have had your eyes looking at what I was doing last night. I was at Deitricks on Westheimer, so I was at a connection. I finally figured out my dumb error but it probably would have been quicker if someone outside of what I was doing could look at it.

I think I want something with the IDE-ness of Project Builder, the text-editing mojo of BBEdit, and the sharability of Hydra. Maybe one day Bare Bones will get smart and license the Rendezvous sharing code from Hydra and X-Code will allow other text editors to be built in.

Adolph, I think you have such a good eye for things. A Hydra-cized BBEdit would be sweet...


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