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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

Differential Rollover Effects with CSS

Todd, Paul, et all,

You may be interested in this interesting article on how do do a differential rollover effect using CSS. An example of the differential rollover effect is when your mouse is over a part of the web page and an image on a different part of the web page changes. I was the link at this company's explanation of their redesign of another company's website. In my borwser, their implementation is flawed in that sure you can mouse over each team member's pic, the pic changes to color and their name becomes highlighted below. However, in Safari it doesn't work vice-versa; you can't roll over names and see the images change.

I also checked out the client website without css by saving a copy of the source to my local disk, deleting the references to importing css files and dropping the html on Safari. Looks neat, something that a Lynx user could use and something that a screen-reader would work well with.


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