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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, July 31, 2003

re: iCal

hey Killy,
I have been using phpicalendar running off my ibook, and it works great! I like it because to take a quick peek at my busy calendar I do not need to open up iCal (which takes too long too load), I just switch to a bookmark and my calendar shows up in my browser (a lot faster).

iCal has a neat feature that lets you automagically publish your iCal using webDav. Setting this up to run on your local machine is no problem because you can easily enable webDav on your machine's webserver, etc. Getting it to work on a remote server (e.g chairjockey.com) would be dependant on whether that server allows webDav access. I do not think chairjockey, or wt.net does allow this access. So your only recourse for updating would be to ftp the iCal file up to the server. This would require probably too much effort if you update your iCal regularly. Of course, you could set up a cron job that would ftp your iCal up to the server...


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