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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, July 06, 2003


adolph: kudos to you. that's a super-great map! anyway, i added five players, each with a town center and four villagers (two men and two women). also, each start off with a stockpile of 200 wood, 200 food, 200 gold and 100 stone.

anyway, just download the link (everyone!) and place the scx file in your 'scenarios' folder in the aoe app folder. simple.

i think we were all meant to stay up late: last night at about the time adolph was working on this map (2 a.m.) little killy projective vomits while he's on his back. twice. it was like watching a volcano sprewing white lava. i immediately pick him up and turn him over. he coughs it out of his throat and he starts crying. terrible crying, intensified by the fact that i'm still asleep. carol had vomit all over her back. apparently, something he ate just didn't agree with him. he dry heaved a few minutes later, and he started crying again. i felt his pain. dry heaving sucks for adults, imagine the pain when a baby does it and doesn't understand what the hell is going on. ugh...anyway, he's fine now. he ate like a champ this morning and crawled around the living room like nothing happened. he's asleep now....like a baby.


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