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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, July 21, 2003


Todd: Can you please drop me the info for Suitcase that we talked about this weekend? Thanks.

So last night adolph, todd, and i played a game of aoe on that custom map (that NEEDS to be fixed). Adolph's villagers were killed by a rampaging boar (said boar is also a suspect in the untimely destruction of his town center as well.) Todd and I paid tributes to adolph, hoping he could manage to pick himself up. He used the dough we sent him to build an army. Unfortunately, he got caught in the crossfire of two of my castles. Adolph was doomed.

Before Todd got a call from Diana (how is she by the way?) we had a fairly good time duking it out with archers. We had a couple of good battles, but then he just stopped. He never told me he got a phone call, so his castle had to go...and then, his town center as well...and then all his houses....towers, and other miscellaneous bldgs....

he came back at the end of the carnage to an empty burnt out hometown.

Paul, you should have been there.

I'm going to try and fix this map though, i'm going to fix all the walls. take out the monkey boys and the boars. and reposition some of the trees so it's more difficult to just walk into someones 'area'. Any other suggestions?


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