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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

the dream

So I had a dream � In my dream � we were all fiending about this game that is a cross between chess and AOE � some board game � anyway � Adolph had this great idea about holding a game on a bridge that was under construction on the outskirts of town � well Killy and I carried out the plan � we somehow managed to get a hold of tuxedos for everyone and these pass card id tags that we had to wear around our neck with lanyards � so we got these things and using them we each managed to get a hold of a black four door full sized sedan car � one for each of us
We used these cars to drive out to the bridge � the bridge was really cool � the entire thing was broken up into huge sections about a half a block long � each section was suspended in the air by a giant crane � the pieces were suspended over a big river at the edge of town and this was the ideal place to have a game
So Todd was ultra-paranoid that someone would catch us � Adolph�s suit was wrinkled � everyone else was setting up the game when Todd saw the trackers at the same moment they saw us
�There they are!�
they pointed at us and started running towards us to get us � we had the upper hand � not only did we have these really cool tuxedos and id tag lanyards � we had these super cool remote control super cars � since a car couldn�t simply drive on the bridge � remember � it was still under construction and suspended in pieces over the river � we used a really narrow bridge that resembled a catwalk that ran parallel to the big bridge to drive to the center of it � so now � we were on the run � the cars were in remote control and started driving forward � the narrow bridge was wide enough to hold the width of one car with the doors closed � so we all had to run forward following our remote control cars toward the other side where the road opened in order for us to open the doors to get in
it was really exciting � the bridge swaying � these crazy men in black suits chasing us in our tuxedos � we running and jumping over the gaps between the bridge chunks � a very cool action adventure dream
I was amazed at Adolph�s speed


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