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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Year Wheel

Something I've been thinking about recently is how to organize myself. Organizing oneself is one of those ackward periods in life, similar to adolescence, filled with missteps, discoveries, ... One of my discoveries is that time periods themselves are essentially cyclical, but calendars are typically represented linearly.

This in part has been due to limitations in how we work with the data. From a design standpoint, it was simpler to put a calendar on a page as a grid. However, when I try to look out on my work calendar, it spans a year. It's new year is about now and the limitations of the printed calendar prevent a good visualization of how I am going to approach larger projects. Contemporary computer calendar software seems to follow this model (Outlook, iCal do at least).

What I want is a Year Wheel. I think it would be really cool to take the php glue to iCal calendar data and put it into a flexible flash interface that presents a year cyclically, rather than linearly.


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