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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Amber - BOOKS

so I haven't really read much lately - don't have too much opportunity for this - what with tending to baby and hubby - for e.g. - last night I came home with a terrible headache - baby was hungry - nursed him - i went to the bathroom - when I emerged - baby wanted solids - I made him some potato and eggs and some steamed veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower) - hubby wanted eggs too - made eggs for hubby - lil sis in law wanted some food too - made her some eggies - finally sat to finish feeding baby while hubby ate - then i got to eat baby's leftovers and an egg for me - then we made a run/walk to the fabric store - i am turning my husband into a frog for halloween and as per usualo - am waiting until the absolute last minute to make his costume - have no idea how i'm going to turn 2 yards of green felt into a frog suit - but tonight will be interesting - anyway - got home - baby was tired from the exciting jogging stroller ride and exploration at the fabric store - gave him a bath and managed to wrestle him into slumberland shortly thereafter - so my evening was over before it even started - so no time to read
except when I travel for work
I found myself in the bookstore falling all over my red wheeled suitcase at the airport - trying to find a book that my boss recommended to me a long time and I couldn't remember the author's name or even the title - and it had been on the bestseller list for a while and who knows how long ago that was too - so I ended up picking up a book called - The Piano Tuner (forgot the author) but it was a National Bestseller - I selected this book because it didn't seem silly or goofy and had to do with someone in a war and all sorts of other interesting stuff
but I never finished reading it - because in the first few chapters, there were two deaths - both babies
I had just left my little boy at home for two day separation and was not able to stomache these stories
so I can't tell you if it was a good book or not

I did read a fun book though a while back - the devil wears prada - ha - it was just a fun read and made my life story seem so much easier

by the way - i finally remembered which book my boss recommended - the davinci code - which i recently ordered from barnes and nobles - i'll tell you all about it when i get it


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