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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

crazy stuff.

man, wacky stuff.

i think it was tuesday that it all began. i needed to make some space on my startup disk (zippy) so i located uneccessary files, trashed them, then emptied the trash.


the 'emptying' dialogue box came up then i got the GREY SCREEN OF DEATH. again and again and again. after much monkeying about with batchmod, in terminal, and a brief foray into voo-doo, no success.

so i reinstalled the system. couldn't log in. repaired disk, permissions, nothing. logged in as a different user. SUCCESS! but i could not access any of the files in 'my' home directory. figured out how to enable the root user from the log-in screen. backed up a few things, the really important ones, crashed again on empty trash, never to return.

short story long, i spent most of the day yesterday reformatting my drive, reinstalling software, and cursing.

if anyone is curious 'fsck' is terminal for 'run the dik repair utility'. it doesn't work any better.


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