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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, October 24, 2003

Re: Who Got IT?

I don't think anyone has it yet (of us, that is). I'll prolly pick it up this weekend, although Killy may work on the academic discount angle. My machine has become more of a worker bee over the year, so I'm probably not going to throw on a new OS until I've been reading Macintouch for a week or so. In any case, Amber and I are seeing David Sedaris this evening, so I can't make it to the Apple Store for "Night of the Panther."

I considered racing down Memorial Drive to the Galleria (not seriously). On the other hand, I'm really not all that hot to go to an Apple Store chock full of Mac-geeks, so I'm glad I have an excuse not to go (seriously).

This weekend I'll be staffing the Kemah and Houston MS Walk, so I won't be just dying to upgrade OSes anyway.

Speaking of, Taggart, Todd, I plan to head to Austin early next weekend, Friday afternoon. Amber will join me later in the day. Are you guys going to be around?


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