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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

See: Amercan Splendor

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Saw it last night. Lovely film. Movie is about Harvey Pekar, a file clerk from Cleveland who spawned a series of comics and graphic novels about his life. The name of the series was American Splendor.

American Splendor the movie establishes deep pathos that is transcended through personal expression. It makes me want to see Crumb again because I think I like it better than Crumb.

The movie is also interesting for its multiple layers of narrative. What is fiction, what is fact, how is the fiction sometimes a truer portrayal of life than the mere facts? When I walked out of the film I felt enhanced by it; I felt that the film shared Pekar's world-view in such a way that I could use it too.

How is this different from a good episode of Seinfeld? Maybe no different. Maybe just an hour longer; maybe just dealing with people a little more real than a Manhattan comedian; maybe more sophisticated.


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