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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, October 27, 2003


sorry, taggart, but today is my sister's birthday. I would love to hang out, but we're having a little get together at the house for her. A fresh Red Snapper is sitting in lime juice right now, and a strawberry marbled cake is sitting on a warming rack waiting to be 'iced'. But if you really wanted to take me to lunch, i would like that. I'm placing the order for Panther today, and Adolph is paying me in 'Fish and Chips'. So maybe we could make it a group lunch.

how long will you be in town?

In other news...

Poor paul stuck in soot.

Adolph has tiring weekend.

Colin teaches drawing cause Laura is sick of it.

Killy buys four new tires for his car

Todd hates waterskiers

40 people dead in Bagdahd

If anyone listened to NPR this morning a letter from a soldier recently returned bashes the media for reporting on the chaos in Iraq, "...but what about the schools we've rebuilt?" he asks.


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