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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, October 16, 2003

There is that...

I guess that I could get the job to pay for it. More than a solid thousand in software would probably be a tough sell to folks who are used to not using anything more than the version of Office that their PC came with.

You know, Killy, you don't know how right you are. On the other hand, I think I aught to lat least get a year out of a computer before I pass it on. If this came in in February, it means it is barely nine months old! The new cheaper 1ghz 12 inch w/ dvi out is pretty compelling though.

Paul, you are so right about Macromedia's non-Flash kit. I use Fireworks less and less because it doesn't cut the mustard and uses a lot of processor. Even though they are heavyweight apps, switching between Illustrator and Photoshop comes pretty naturally. One drawback to InDesign, as I understand it, is that it has relatively poor imposition tools. This is going to be important to me because our print house is still a Quark 4/5 shop. Sending raw eps or pdf will the print mechanism.

Latest iTunes update:

Photo Storage - $99 Accessory. Connects to bottom of iPod. syncs with iPhoto. 

arn: - $49 Microphone and speaker, syncs into new version of iPods. Record 670 hours.


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