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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Voting System Follies

Slashdot | Diebold Chases Links To Leaked Memos
The latest corporate "intellectual property" scramble is Diebold chasing students for papers scattered into the internet. Reading about this I visualize Keystone Kops and evil mustached lawyers employed by Diebold chasing after hacky-sacking students who have picked up dollar bills a Diebold ATM machine has spewed out; the instant they catch up with any student there is another around the corner waving a miraculously multiplied dollar bill. Another bill, and another, there are more copies than originals and they are all the same.

Along with that I'm thinking about politicians giving concession speeches. What happens if a politician thinks he (or she) lost and gives a concession speech, but it turns out that they won? Is the concession nullified? Does the conceding politician nullify an election by giving the election to someone else, who effectively wasn't elected?


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