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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

The Battle for my Veins


1 green granny smith apple
1 serving of oatmeal (with honey)
1 'Healthy Choice' egg - kinda like 'Egg Beaters' (surprisingly good)
two pieces of wheat toast (buttered - unfortunately i didn't check the toast before they gave it to me. I chose NOT to take it back. Sinfully delicious.)
One 8 oz. 100% juice orange juice

Yesterday i had lunch with adolph. My friend ate an avacado burger and a batch of beer battered onion rings in front of me while i had a mustard filled chicken breast sandwich. I didn't go away frustrated though. i packed two onion rings in my doggie bag and ate ONLY ONE later that afternoon along with the rest of my sandwich. Delicious.

We have another lunch planned for today,

In other news

Talked to colin yesterday. He had just gotten back to Portland from his grandpa's funeral in texas.

Adolph is wearing Land's End shirts now; pastel colors too. I think we gave him too much hassle about his loud BaRep shirts, particularly the lime green one.

Halo sounds fun, but so does THIS!

Adolph: so how did the update go?


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