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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Battle for my veins (day 2)


1 serving oatmeal
1 wheat toast (again, with butter)
1 apple (red delicious)
1 patty turkey sausage
1 10 oz. apple juice (from concentrate 100% juice)

I am charging up the ipod for our trip down to the valley this afternoon. I am waiting for Dr. M to get his last few images to K (my boss). We are just waiting. There is nothing else to do but wait. Just waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

One of the things i hate about going on long car trips is how dirty the car ends up once you've arrived. I hate pulling the little bodies of moths and dragonflies off the grill of my car. I hate having to scrub my windshielf extra hard to get the smushed up bug bodies off.

Gosh, i want to get out of here so bad. So bad. So bad.

My wife is bored at work too. So bored.

So bored.


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