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The Indefinite Article.

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Being Back, Sunday November 30th


2 eggbeater eggs
spoonful of beans
half a bowl of apple/cinnamon oatmeal
one wheat toast with soy butter

Got the oil changed and the fuel system cleaned out in the car first thing this morning. Came home and detailed the car. I got every single mosquito, dragonfly, moth, etc carcass off the front end of my vehicle. I vacuumed every cheerio and rice cake crumb out of the back seat. I even had to shampoo out a chocolate stain from the back seat that carol left in the wake of a 'brownie earthquake' from dairy queen.

Went to the church and arranged a meeting with Knights of Columbus to take the 'Santa' photos at the church this year. They normally sell polaroids @ five bucks a pop. There is so much overhead that they hardly make any money. Apparently, they were cancelling the pics this year for this reason.

I approached the Knight pres. to propose shooting the santa pics digitally. So i have to meet with the council on Tuesday night.


Chicken,tomato, onion tacos with rice.
Two flour tortillas
One bowl of cheerios for dessert

Today, we set up the xmas tree. My mother pulled it down from the attic and we put it together. Adolfo iv helped.


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