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The Indefinite Article.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Computer Questions

Hey guys, I actually have some computer questions for once, and I thought instead of taking the subway all the way to the Soho Apple store, I could just ask ya'll, instead. Anthony and I want to set up a website for his artwork -- we want to set up an easily identifiable page, somethlink like "anthonyfreda.com" -- and then we need to build the site.

1st: How do we reserve a specific domain name?

2nd: How do we build the site on our own? We need something very user-friendly because we really don't know a lot about html, etc.

Right now, he's using a very expensive host site that sets up the page for him completely, but he has very little creative control and he's grouped with a lot of other artists, so we really want to have something that we can change whenever we want, add new images, text, links, etc, and also that is easy for clients to remember when they want to see his work on the web. Any ideas?


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