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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Periocronitis and the day without straws


i went to the dentist where i discovered i had a condition called periocronitis. with this condition, the skin surrounding an exposed wisdom tooth is pinched beneath another tooth.

the gingivo-stomatitis aggravated the skin around my wisdom tooth with a lesion, that in turn was pinched between another tooth, then, it swelled because of the pinching which, in turn, led to an aggrivation of the gingivo-stomatitis.....

and so on and so on.....

so what happened this morning was an extraction of my upper wisdom tooth to keep from pinching the bottom skin, therby facilitating the healing process. i'm already on antibiotics, so that's should help too.

and of course, my precious, vicodin for pain.

Now that i've had a tooth extracted, i can't drink anything through a straw or i'll break the clot that forms in the spot where my tooth once was. I guess i'll have to be spoon fed a smoothie.


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