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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Some photos from halloween...

Gandalf the Grey, Princess Carolina, and the devil made their way through the bowels of sugarland on friday on a quest for candy. We made out pretty well considering the baby doesn't eat candy.

A quick inventory:

chewy sweet tarts
reeses peanut butter cups (regular&bite sized)
a ziplock bag with an "accept christ as your personal savior" cartoon booklet
peanut butter ritz crackers
hershey's hershey's hershey's!
sweet tarts (regular)
twix bars (full and bite sized)
misc. candy

we didn't eat much of it that night. instead, we packed ourselves in the car soon after we were finished and headed into town to visit with margaret and adolph. carol was aching for someone we 'knew' to see the baby dressed up as gandalf the grey. we spent about an hour with margaret where i ripped about six albums off of her for the ipod: elliot smith (XO), jack johnson (2 albums), paloalto, gay dad, and...... oh, well, i guess it was five albums.

then, we headed over to amber's place to visit for awhile. i was ALMOST convinced to leave with adolph for the weekend, but there were things i wanted to accomplish this weekend: new shoes for the baby, clean the car, get a haircut, play with my son, eat a chicago style hot dog with my wife (she loves those things.)

All of my mother's sisters came to the house last night and played poker.


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