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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, December 18, 2003

LOTR And The Positronic Brain

Killy, Carol, Adolph and I saw LOTR too last night. Even though some of my favorite scenes from the book didn't make the cut (like the scene where the King of the Nazgul busts in the gate at Minis Tirith exclaiming "heeeeeer's the Witch King" a la the Shinning) I still enjoyed most of the 3.5 hours. I even liked Peter Jackson's additions: like that scene right before the battle for Minis Tirith where the Orc General notices that one of the new orc recruits is scared and so he tells him the story about how he used to be a dentist specializing in Troll Orthodontics and General Goblin Orthondonistry and that he ran a modest practice up in northern Morder until one day a Troll patient woke up too soon from the anaesthesia and bit his hand off, leaving only a misshapen, lumpy stump. I think it is great that Jackson added a scene like that to show that hey, orcs are just these guys you know?

Also, If you were intrigued by the I ROBOT commercial then you may like this book. And if you have some time this Christmas holiday for some more reading I suggest you read the rest of the robot series starting with The Caves Of Steel and ending with The Naked Sun (or maybe even Robots and Empire - but that is only worth it, I think, if you read the Foundation Series ...). Not only are they interesting sci-fi detective stories but they also offer valuable insights into robot culture/behaviour. I definitely see my robotic household assistant in a different light now that I have read these books!

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