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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas

7:19 A.M. - woke up to my son's smile. Carol took him to grandma's bedroom to wake her up. I took that opportunity to slip a couple of gifts i had been hiding in my sock drawer under the tree. We all opened gifts and emptied our stockings. The baby went straight for the new car, which was recently assembled (1 a.m.) the previous night. He loved it.

Carol was happy with her digital camera

I came away with an armload of new clothes and a couple of cool books.

We had a great breakfast and headed to my sister's house with a carload of presents. Diego really liked his automatic chocolate milk mixer cup, and dezma had a blast with her shopping cart once it was put together.

My sister also made a full breakfast with fresh tortillas.

Then, off to my aunt cynthia's house, where we are now. The baby came away with a toy car. Now, Carol is putting him down to sleep and I am losing energy, fast.

very fast....


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