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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, January 23, 2004

The Dead Scream

Scripting News: 1/23/2004

The thing about the Dean Scream isn't really about the scream (it was more of an out-of-breath yelp anyway). It is about a politician who is so focused on the campaign that the campaign is what he talked about. If you watch the other candidates' speeches, they immediately start talking about the issues that they feel are important. This signifies recognition that the campaign is a means, not the ends. In Dean's speech, the campaign, the list of states that they are going to go to, is what is important. I wasn't particularly impressed with Kerry's or Edward's speeches, but at least they are issue focused. Dean came across as Rowdy Roddy Piper from the World Wrestling Federation pre-declaring victory in the towns the WWF will visit. (Maybe I was just peeved that Louisiana didn't make it on the list . . .)

One of the criticisms of the current administration is that they are using the bread and circuses of a minor prescription drug benefit and various military conflicts as a way of maintaining their grip on power. Well, in Dean's scream speech he doesn't seem very different, just more clumsy. When did rallying the troops start being about winning for winnings sake and stop being about the things that affect ordinary people in everyday ways?

Besides being undignified, it seemed like his campaign didn't have a clue what their message would be if they lost. The campaign-centered and undisciplined speech indicates to me that either Dean's team doesn't plan for failure as well as success or that Dean doesn't follow his team's plan. Either way isn't a pretty sight.


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