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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, February 20, 2004


as is my only commentary, no sparkling blurbs on technical gazidtry, and reformatting systems to realign perspectives on geo political party assertions.

To comment on Ambers comments. I am frustrated by the work situation. mostly out of my own inability to grab it by the throat and take a stand on self created ground. I still am schleping to the check of corporate bohemoths to spend my time and hard fought creativity on the production of useless crap. creating yet another strategy to extract the cash from the pockets of the people. Hey who wants a pair of fucking shoes? How about some cool? we got that over here. Not convinced? well if you start to see through that bullet proof ad campaign, I'll just come up with graphic information that's composed on an abstract emotional level to disorient your scepticism. Yes this is a bit acidic. Yes I do feel the slave. Yes I am only as much a slave as I let myself be.

But once again, I leave "work" and make my way through a conglomeration of other peoples intentions and directions stacked on each other to build this coral of commerce and wind my way walking through street of neighbors that do not speak to each other. What happened to a friend in my path smiling? Finally I arrive at a door.

I open this door and inside is something wholly and completely different to me as nothing I have ever known. I am once again a simple part of things true and real and simple. Light comes from my hand switching on that light and lighting that candle and kissing that cheek and wipping that tear and hearing that laughter. sitting to a table with these three girls who wait each day for me to come home. presenting me with a day full of difference. Emotional expression that has no place in that place that I spend so many heart beats and breaths. But in this house I know why I do that fighting and striving for those monies. I am still so much in awe of how much I do not know. How much one can never know. How I shall stand, and learn as best I can to do so in a manner with truth. And build this family with my wife and my children.

fuck yeah.


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