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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Option Period - Day 1

All the paper's have been signed and the option period begins. The next ten days is a window in which we can leave the contract without question, so now is the time for home inspectors, bug inspectors, appraisers and surveyors. I've been shopping around and have begun getting estimates on all the necessary insurances: flood, homeowners...etc...

This is when the real fun begins. Our home is still lightyears away, it seems.

Here are some interesting facts about the area:

- The nearest fire station is exatly .3 miles from home.
- The Hispanic population of Oak Forest/Garden Oaks area is 15,440
- Two of my neighbors are lawyers.
- One of my neighbors is co-owner of a pawn shop (I read her application for business license online)
- The apprasied value of 4126 Donna Lynn has more than doubled since 1990.
- My home has never flooded.
- There is a park right around the corner.

Anyone know any good (or bad!) Home Inspectors? I'm really looking for someone who might know who NOT to use.


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