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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, March 12, 2004


Can you please re-post the link and instructions for using the amazing uploader thingy?
That would be super great!

DeVida says HI!

How's the job

and hey

what happened to all the archives???
Is it just my computer or are they no longer accessible?

The new goings on about town.

Killito will be taking his first school pictures on Wednesday!!! Please submit your votes today.
Should he dress as a
1.) Jock - Tennies, running shorts, a Sports shirt of some sort and a baseball cap (all sports themes represented)
2.) Brainiac - V neck sweater, kakhis, sensible brown boot shoes (nothing really matches)
3.) Ladies' man - Dress Pants, Dress Shirt, Dress shoes, jewelry (think shiny, black/red combo)
4.) Ivy Leaguer - Polo Shirt, Sweater tied around his neck, slacks, boat shoes (think pastel)

I'm torn...


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