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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

For work related reasons i am unable to see the templates (blogger is blocked???) so I am inclined to go with todd's template advice.

but really, i don't care what you guys choose. It actually reminds me of a church marquee sign i pass on my morning bus commute to work:

Jog on in. God don't care what you wear.

The church gets a lot of jogger traffic since it's right off of heights blvd with a long jogging track down its center island. And speaking of communting, I walked out of my house at 6:06 this morning, missed the bus and waited half an hour for the next one. Didn't get into work until exactly 8 a.m. I have sworn off busses. I have no idea how i'm going to get to work tomorrow.

I took a vacation from vacuuming for fleas last night and fiddled around with a wireless router i got from work. After a frustrating 15 mins i decided this was too much for killy and called adolph over with a promise of dinner and ice cream. He showed up much quicker than i had expected.

After we ate, he tinkered with the router for an hour or so before declaring it dead. Too bad too; although, if i'm at home sitting on the desk why wouldn't i just tether myself to the modem via ethernet? Of course, what about the imac, which will not be in the 'office', but in our room or the living room? I guess i could just hook the cable up to the imac and use it as the base station... (hmmm....didn't john p. say he had an old spare base station?)

1. Pick up car from mom's place as a potential way to work?
2. Put away all the paint in the garage.
3. Unbox and prepare adolfo's new mini-dinner table
4. Fix ceiling fan in the living room