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The Indefinite Article.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

John is Graduating & Killy has fleas

I got an email invite to his commencement last night. For those of you in the san marcos area, he'll be walking at 7p.m. this friday, may 14th. He got a degree in speech communications. (What kind of job does that land you?)

I spent last night vacuuming for fleas and getting things moved from off the carpet. I scheduled a spraying today, hopefully this will clear up this unfortunate infestation. For those of you who might be now or in the future infested with fleas, vacuuming seems to be the best remedy for clearing up larve and eggs that are left behind. One female can lay between 400-500 eggs. They are normally laid on a host, but because they don't 'stick' they just fall off into the carpet and/or bedding areas. Vacuuming is the best bed, according to online reading. Next best thing is steam cleaning the carpet. This, apparently, will kill larve and eggs, but i'm kinda doubtful cause i 'steamed' the carpets about two weeks ago. (I must get that machine back to annabel.) There are plenty of other more extensive ways to treat, such as slamming boric acid into your carpet -- time consuming and toxic -- but i don't want that stuff around the boy.

for some reason Adolfo iv decided to wake up at 4:45 this morning. Carol, of course, throws a fit even though she went to bed as early as he did: around 9. I eventually made it to the bed around midnight. Even though i was up as early as i've ever been, had breakfast and a cup of coffee, I still managed to miss the bus. The next one arrives in about 5 to ten minutes and takes the HOV lane to get downtown.

Work is as slow as can be right now. I've got a couple of posters in the queue and my weekly conferences, but both of these have become as intuitive as peeing in your sleep.

At one point last night, adolph and i set up our camera's for some video chatting. How fun, adolfo really got a kick out of seeing adolph full screen on the computer. He was all giggles.