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The Indefinite Article.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


escapes me
tonight - it will be time to cuddle with my Adolfo Fidel as soon as we get home
I will take time to be with him in his room full of toys
and give him time to show me how all of them work
then i must sneak some time to make dinner for my husband
and somehow squeeze in the time to feed Adolfo Fidel at the same time
when it will suddenly be time to give Adolfo Fidel a bath
a time when he shows off for mommy
spitting out the bath tub letters across the water like flying fish
this is the time i can relaxe
i let him take his time in the water
and let the tub fill slowly
so after a time
i can drain and refill it one more time
then it's time to brush our teeth
Adolfo Fidel hates this time
but we do it, dutifully, and quickly
because now it's time to go to sleep

and i haven't had time to clean

but i have a wonderful husband who will give me some time
to breathe


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