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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, July 12, 2004


Speaking of "excessively trying to monetize the engagement," this Sunday I had the misfortune to shop at Randall's. I wanted to go to Spec's, but they were closed, so I went down to the mid-town Randall's. The little grocery store in San Marcos was a Randall's when I worked there and the chain seems to have gotten sicker. It was as if everything in the place had two prices, the with card price and the higher regular price. I asked a worker outside the meat department for where the pimiento cheese was and the lady walked me to it, offering me jumbo shrimp at such and so a pound, and after hearing me decline, ran through about five more items with prices. It was insane. I felt like saying, "hey, what you are doing is annoying." Instead I said, "hmmm, that tilapia sure is low." (Referring to something directly as low or high when the intention is to refer to the price of something is a strange pet peeve of mine.)

After enduring Randall's, I got to the checkout and couldn't buy the champagne for mimosas. Can't buy alcohol before noon. Why doesn't the ACLU do something about that?


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