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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Second weirdest dream ever

I haven't remembered my dreams in a long time. And with all these wierd clinical schedules, I've been sleeping wierd hours. Like until 10:00am. I haven't done that since SWT! So anyways, I have a 5 week rotation on the oncology floor, and it's all cancer patients getting chemo, recovering from chemo, trying not to die. Just about all of them have central lines, like Jet, with a port under the skin on the chest and a tube going strait to the heart.
Well, one pt. had a central line, an IV in his left arm and one in his right arm. You walk into the room and there are tubes everywhere. One for pain meds, one for antibiotics, one for blood, one for antivirals, one for fluids, and one of IV nutrition. This is who I dreamt about last night. But I must have been him. Talk about empathizing with your patients.
It starts out with a surgeon saying he needed practice, so he grabbed me and intubated me. Then he started pushing on my temples. Then I looked in the mirror and saw syringes coming out of my head. Needless to say, I'm creeped out and this can be categorized as a nightmare. I will spare y'all the rest of the details.
I otherwise love this rotation and want to do oncology forever-wierd dreams or not.
I love wearing pajamas to work.
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