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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Monday morning.

Well, it is monday and I have a general feeling of hope for the week. Not because there are particular work related events that arouse this hope but more the fact that I have the option, on a regular basis to make choices in my life. This may sound assininly obvious, but for me it feels like a new realization.

So basically here I am to say in a clicity-clackity way, good morning/afternoon to ya'll.

Rain this morning, winter is tring to clear a space in the summertime, and me wearing sandals, waiting for the bus.

Now that I am wearing sandals all the time, I have reached maximum saturtation on tennis shoes, I find that birkenstocks, when wet, are not the choicest of footwear. The leather footbed gets all slimmy. Now I understand Paul's proclivity for Teva's.

Congrats on the scooter Taggart.


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