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The Indefinite Article.

Monday, August 30, 2004

so who's the wise guy...

Herman Miller Direct?

what, do we want to be browsed by fashion conscious yuppies? is this some kind of 'let's test google' thing?

to whomever i talked to while scared shitless about the prospect of having yet another tube coated steel rod plunged into my chest thanks for your patience and support. if i did not talk to you please do not take it personally and see the above 'scared shitless' bit. i am feeling much better having slept about 90% of this weekend and not worrying about shit the other 10%. the white wine currently making my stomach all warm and settled will soon help me be all warm and settled in my bed-on-the-floor and i shall sleep to wake as if none of this ever happened, only to be reminded that it did when i talk to a cardio-thoracic surgeon tomorrow. i believe that i shall take up the trombone as my father swears by it for making good strong lungs.

poor pablo.

P.S.ok, so i get it now. it's the chairs.


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