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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Life in half hour increments

6 p.m. - I take off my work clothes and drop them on the floor in a puddle, baby still holding on to the skirt I just removed. I fish for the free hanger (that I try to keep at the front of the closet for such occasions) balancing myself on one foot because baby is climbing up my leg trying to either put my skirt back on me or on his head or something.

I can hear Killy in the living room unpacking his computer.

6:30 p.m. - Have changed Adolfo's diaper twice by now. He's smearing orange pulp into my hair and face from the freshly peeled fruit he just shoved into his mouth. I calmly explain to him that hitting mommy in the face is not nice. Killy gets up from his computer to sternly reprimand Adolfo for this attempt to show me love and trust.

7 p.m. - House is somewhat clean for a change. This means we managed to put the dishes in the dishwasher last night so all I have to do now is thaw the ground turkey in the microwave.
"Mama...mama...mama...mama...(infinity)!" I set Adolfo in front of the T.V. with Shrek playing and some select toys scattered throughout the living room. "Mama...mama...mama...mama...(infinity)!" I sit next to him for a few minutes to comfort him with my elbow (he loves rubbing my elbow with the metal rod in it). Then I sneak into the kitchen.
Ground turkey in the microwave thawing.
From the far reaches of the master bedroom emerge some scruffing/crashing/bumping sounds. "Mama...mama...mama...mama...(infinity)!" No crying. I add the shells and the cheese to the turkey, my boys LOVE this dish, chop up some fresh broccoli, add to the mess.
Adolfo comes around the corner carefully walking wearing my blue flat shoes with the flower on them. "See? See? See? See?" he pleads. I grunt as I lift his heavy girth to my waist and prop him, legs open, across my belly. My shoes fall from his little fat feet to the floor. I let him toss a few chopped broccoli chunks into the bubbling brew.

7:30 p.m. - Killy comes up for air and kisses me on the cheek. Food is ready. Adolfo is hitting his airplane-color-changing spoon onto the t.v. He's scattered his toys all over the living room, has thrown his Ikea train set into disarray, has crawled under the rug several times playing peak-a-boo ("Mama...mama...mama...mama...(infinity)!"), has climbed up and down and all around every couch, chair, table surface, etc.. "Mama...mama...mama...mama...(infinity)!"

"Come on baby, let's eat papa!" Killy pleads. Adolfo evades his daddy. "NONONONO!" I run after Adolfo, catch him, shove a piece of food in his mouth, "Mormormormormor!"
He eagerly sits in his high chair, two spoons in hand (where'd he find the other one?) Bowl is still steaming, corn on the cob has cooled significantly. He digs a clean spoon into his steaming bowl (I managed to pry the other two from his fat fingers). "Ooooh, it's HOT HOT HOT baby!" I warn him, he doesn't listen, shoving a spoonful of cheesy shells/broccoli/turkey into his FAT mouth. He doesn"t cry or scream, he just spits it right back out scrunching his little face. "Baby, it's HOT HOT HOT. You gotta blow on it." He blows...once...and proceeds to shove the steaming food into his charred mouth, regardless of the heat now.

8 p.m. - He's eaten 2 corn on the cobs and a bowl and a half of cheesy shells with broccoli. His shirt is smeared with everything and now he’s tossing his sippy cup on the floor. "Mama...mama...mama...mama...(infinity)!" Killy and I try to clean quickly. Adolfo tries to climb into the dishwasher.
He manages to make off with the utensil basket. "Mama...mama...mama...mama...(infinity)!"

8:30 p.m. - "Do you want to take a bath baby?"
"NONONONO!" I prepare the tub with his fishy matt and foam letters anyway. The sound of the water splashing entices him. He climbs in diaper and all. I manage to get the diaper off before it sucks up all the water but he wants to keep the shirt on.
"Buboos...buboos...buboos!" He slides back and forth on his belly making bubbles in the tub. He finds the cup and commences to pour the contents of the tub onto the bathroom floor matt.

9 p.m. - Newly diapered and powdered. Hair still wet (he hates to have his hair dried). We lay in bed and he counts "One dot...two dots..." He explains the circulation of the ceiling fan "Wound...wound...wound..." We read Gumby's Circus, Oppsy Daisy, Polka Dot, Bon-Bon on the Go Go. Flick the lights off. We sing songs
"I've been working on the railroad..."
"Go to sleep...go to sleep..."
"Los tres cochinitos estan en la cama..."
"Duermete mi nino..."
"Baby, baby,
baby, baby,
I love you,
My little baby,
baby, baby,

10 p.m. - Killy comes to bed. We snuggle in the quiet of the night...


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