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The Indefinite Article.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

A new power source

I've got a dead PowerBook G3 here in the office. i've been asked to try and revive it to make sure the info on it gets erased before it gets shipped off to 'the warehouse' (where old MDACC equipment goes to die/auctioned off) It's a black case (is this a WallStreet?) with s-video out on the back and power bricks on either side on the bottom.

i'm assuming that it might just be the power brick and cord that i need. does taggart happen to still have that old wallstreet lying around? if so, could you send over the powercord with adolph this weekend, so i can at least turn this thing on? i'll have it back to you in a jiffy.

of course, this thing could simply be dead, but i'd like to test it out with a power cord that i know works.


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