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The Indefinite Article.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Trying on Glasses

Trying on Glasses
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One of the hazards of trying on glasses is that if you need glasses, you can't really see what you are trying on. This is an issue that I have faced throughout my life. Once, I got an eye infection and couldn't wear contacts and had to pick out a pair of frames while barely able to open my eyes--it was an awful experience and made worse by the fact that I made a terrible choice. Since glasses are kind of expensive and very personalized, they aren't things you get to try on for a week and return if it doesn't work out. The decision you make will become part of your face for a long time. Enter the digital camera. I take a picture of myself with the frames without lenses, then put my glasses back on to see the picture! All opticians should have these things.

I ordered a pair of frames that are slightly different than my current pair and I ordered lenses made of real glass instead of plastic. They should be ready in two weeks or so.


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